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We make products that solve cities’ problems.


BikeVault by urbanminded


Designed by cyclists.
Powered by the internet.


BikeVault is a brand new urban cycling system, developed with security and technology at its core.

BikeVault is smartphone controlled and powered by cloud software.


Like a traditional bike sharing system, BikeVault is a street-mounted bicycle docking system. But unlike bike sharing systems, BikeVault is compatible with citizens’ personal bikes as well as shared rental bikes.


BikeVault is connected to the internet, which means it has features never seen before in urban cycling infrastructure. It’ll tell you when someone’s trying to steal your bike, let you book a free space nearby and help you share a bike with friends.


BikeVault Bike Vault Animation with Media Tower

The features of BikeVault – all in the day of a cyclist.

Top Cyclist Features

Top City Features

Top Cyclist Features

The bike lock is built in

450% thicker than the next best bike lock.

Only possible when the street is carrying the weight.

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Unbeaten security

BikeVault’s lock is chemically toughened and armed with attack sensors.

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Finding a space

Use the urbanminded app to find your nearest space.

No more searching for the perfect spot.

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Space Reservations

Reserve a space in any BikeVault location before you start your journey.

It’s free to reserve – and reservations last 15 minutes.

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Theft Notifications

As soon as BikeVault’s armed locking bar detects aggressive motion – you get notified straight away – along with a CCTV image and the ability to sound an alarm.

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Sharing your parked bike

At the office all day? Let your friend borrow your bike – you can approve anyone in your phone contacts or friends from social networks.

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Top City Features

Less Crime

BikeVault makes the lives of bike thieves tough.
A city with BikeVault is a city with much lower bicycle thefts.

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More Cyclists

Giving cyclists control, convenience and safety have been identified as the main way to encourage more cycling. BikeVault delivers these better than any other infrastructure.

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No Abandoned Bikes

No more abandoned bikes! Every BikeVault lock session is tied to a smartphone user – and so if a bike is abandoned we notify the user automatically to take action.

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Highest Space Efficiency

With a bike space every 525mm in a single row, or 263 in a double row – BikeVault is just as space efficient as a standard rack, and more than twice as dense as lockers.

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Smart City Data

Stop taking surveys! Stop paying for statistics! BikeVault automatically collects data about cycling in your city – and makes it open and available to both citizens and the city for free.

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Easy and Free Installation

BikeVault can be installed on a mobile footing, with solar power, or even in car parking spaces. Whichever way suits a site – urbanminded can fully fund the installation with advertising.

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BikeVault. Subsidised.

We can partner with your local media operator.
Together, we can deliver fully subsidized BikeVault installations.
Fully managed cloud, operations and maintenance included.

Why Ad-Funded?

In order to deliver a smart, internet connected piece of urban infrastructure, there is unavoidably a large upfront capital cost, and ongoing maintenance costs.


This infrastructure is essential if cities are to evolve into digital smart cities.


Urbanminded want to make it as simple as possible for cities to embrace this evolution sooner. We give cities the option to completely remove the burden of cost, using advertising to fund city-wide BikeVault installations .

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Doing More

Our media towers are powered, have a high speed internet connection, and therefore  serve as the ideal platform to deliver other IoT / Smart City systems – with no additional infrastructural investment.


  • USB public charging points
  • Emergency public broadcasting
  • Traffic & pedestrian counters
  • 360º CCTV


  • Air quality sensors
  • WiFi hotspots
  • Cellular basestations
  • Any powered IoT device

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Technical Information

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Installation Configurations

Solar Power

Car Parking Space Installs

Civil Engineering

Technical Specifications

Power Requirements


RFID Card Integration

Smart City Data

Custom Colors

Sponsorship Opportunities