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From virtual to real

The internet has changed the way we socialise, work and entertain ourselves. There’s no doubt – but all of these changes have manifested themselves in virtual worlds like software, the internet, and social networks.


Recently, this virtual hyperconnected world has began to blur the lines between virtual space and influence how we interact with the physical world – whether it be getting a cab, playing VR games outdoors, or even getting a date with a stranger straight off your smartphone.


At urbanminded, we see this as very early signs of a transition from the virtual internet to the physical internet.


The Physical Internet

When you think about it – the internet is really just a virtual city – a place to meet new people, hang out, share stories, do business and everything else we do in cities. The internet is simply a very fast paced, very efficient virtual city – where anyone can be a citizen.


At urbanminded we are taking the learnings from the past 20 years of this virtual city, and applying it to public space.


Taxis and dates from your phone are ideas that sit on the boundary of this transition. The next leap is making the city itself a digital environment.


New answers to old problems

When the digital revolution is applied to urban space, new opportunities emerge to solve old problems like congested transportation, poor public health, inequality, and air pollution.


Cities seem different on the surface, but fundamentally they share the same advantages and suffer from the same afflictions. These advantages and afflictions will only be amplified in the future as the world continues to urbanise.


At urbanminded – we are painting a new picture for how society’s issues can be solved. The city is our canvas. Technology is our brush.

Urbanminded was founded in 2012 by Michael Evans, Daniel Harkin, and Mason Holden, a team of award winning Product Design Engineers.

Michael Evans

Born: Singapore, Singapore
Alma Mater: The Glasgow School of Art
Degree: Product Design Engineering MEng (1st Class)(Hons.)

Favourite City: Singapore

Daniel Harin

Born: England, UK
Alma Mater: The Glasgow School of Art
Degree: Product Design Engineering MEng (1st Class)

Favorite City: Istanbul

Mason Holden

Born: Philadelphia, USA
Alma Mater: The Glasgow School of Art
Degree: Product Design Engineering MEng (1st Class)(Hons.)

Favorite City: New York City


September 2012

The urbanminded team meet at the Glasgow School of Art

January 2013

First bicycle parking prototype tested

June 2014

Awarded Funding from Creative Scotland, InnovateUK, Strathclyde University and Shell

January 2015

Two years in the making – BikeVault Beta revealed to the press and public

May 2015

The press love it, acclaimed by the BBC, Fast Company, and more

June 2015

Our first installation enquiry couldn’t have been better

September 2015

Urbanminded receive angel investment, and move into the Radial Labs incubator at The Whisky Bond in Glasgow

November 2015

Our first trade show – The fantastic Smart City Expo in Barcelona

December 2015

BikeVault public usability test is set up in Glasgow

December 2015

Meanwhile the designs get put through endurance testing

January 2016

And we stopped at nothing to test its strength

March 2016

Our commercial team start sending out site proposals to our first partner cities

November 2016

Urbanminded graduate from Radial Labs Incubator, and move to new headquarters in Finnieston, Glasgow, UK.

January 2017

We’re now working on projects with cities across the globe