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BikeVault Bike Vault install array with media towers

Introducing BikeVault

A smart, high-security bike parking station.

Accessing BikeVault is easy. Simply download the Urbanminded App on any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, or scan your existing transport RFID card.


Urbanminded BikeVault Bike Vault on waterfront

BikeVault Overview

BikeVault Bike Vault with Media Towers installation array

A BikeVault installation can hold between 10 to 32 bikes.
In a back-to-back configuration, BikeVault holds up to 63 bikes.

Simply insert your bike in any available space between two towers and use your smartphone or smart card to begin the locking process.

Before you arrive

Find your nearest BikeVault

Simple traffic-light interface

More than 5 spaces available

Fewer than 5 spaces available


Reserve a Space

Policy varies dependent on location

Up to 15 minute reservation is always free.


Uses Google or Apple Maps Data

Get cycle-friendly navigation through a single earphone.

Locking your bike

BikeVault Bike Vault insert bicycle to lock


BikeVault Bike Vault Align Bicycle to lock


BikeVault Bike Vault RFID contactless bluetooth tap lock


BikeVault Bike Vault Locking


While you’re away

Get Notified

Never miss a trick

Be alerted to your bike being disturbed the instant it happens.
You can even customize the sensitivity while you’re away.

Check Up

360º live snapshots

As soon as your bike is disturbed, we capture a 360º still of the whole scene.
Refresh it, zoom in, pan around, and make sure your bike is still safe.

Share your parked bike

Share with your friends

Take bike borrow requests from any phone contact or social media friend.
Peer-Peer bike sharing is free, and you can decide a time restriction.

Works with all bikes

BikeVault Bike Vault Cyclist on bike lane

Personal Bikes

Lock your own bicycle in BikeVault for free, for up to 36 hours.
Some cities have even longer free locking allowances.

There is no limit to the number of sessions – it’s always free.

BikeVault Bike Vault BikeShare in use

Shared Rental Bikes

Cities can choose to operate a BikeShare scheme right from BikeVault docking stations, or citizens can start community-ran bike share schemes of their own.

This is the power of universal, cloud connected bicycle parking.


Top Cyclist Features

Top City Features

Technical Information

BikeVault Bike Vault Brochure Cover Thumbnail

Installation Configurations

Solar Power

Car Parking Space Installs

Civil Engineering

Technical Specifications

Power Requirements


RFID Card Integration

Smart City Data

Custom Colors

Sponsorship Opportunities